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work place:Shenzhen   Recruitment number:2    salary range:Negotiable

description of job:

1、Communicate with the business department Orders Product Requirements Package Details;

2、Follow up the arrival time of the order and ensure the delivery of the goods on time;

3、Shipping: Cohesion, coordination of factory, planning logistics department, ensure smooth shipment, on time to warehouse;

4、Payment: According to the signing of the processing contract, urging receipt and payment;

5、Complete other transactional work assigned by superiors。

job requirements:

1、College degree or above;

2、More than 1 year work experience, able to accurately verify the price;

3、Independent working ability, able to arrange their own work;

4、Good at developing factories, and have certain control over factories;

5、Courageous, not only can control the general direction but can not be tired of details;

6、Strong teamwork spirit, good at communication。

7、Familiar with the follow-up process; Familiar with watch accessories;

8、Cheerful personality, meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking, ability to work under certain pressure, strong team spirit。



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